7 ways to keep kids safe from coronavirus disease

By Moms for Moms
March 26, 2020
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As the number of confirmed coronavirus disease cases rises, parents need to make sure that their children are protected. Although young kids are at a lower risk, it’s better to be safe. The severity of the situation must not be taken lightly especially because it can affect all members of the family.

Here are some tips to make sure that your children are safe:

  1. Do not bring children with you outside. It is better to keep kids at home – far from potential carriers. Plan a set of indoor activities to keep your kids busy and productive. Help them explore a new hobby in art, teach them to play an instrument, or print downloadable worksheets for them to accomplish.
  2. Teach proper handwashing. Washing hands with soap and water is one of the key steps in preventing the spread of any virus. Choose a trusted hand soap and teach kids to wash hands following these steps:
    1. Wash hands with clean, running water.
    2. Soap up hands by rubbing them together to form a lather. Remember to reach the back of the hand, between fingers, and under the nails.
    3. Scrub your child’s hands for around 20 seconds. You can sing your child’s favorite nursery rhyme as a timer.
    4. Make sure to rinse well with clean and running water.
    5. Dry your child’s hands with a clean towel.
    6. Avoid using a basin to wash hands as the water can get contaminated.

  1. Tell them to stop touching their faces. Even with clean hands, it’s better to avoid touching your face. Remember – keep your hands off of M.E.N. (Mouth, Eyes, Nose).
  2. Prepare healthy pantry food – With all the quarantine and social distancing measures being put up, eating out or going to the grocery store frequently may not be a good idea. Reasonably stock up on food with long shelf lives while at the same time making sure that kids will get balanced diets from meals. You can get creative with oatmeal and various fruits, Greek yoghurt, or cocoa. How about making a sardine or tuna pasta? Or try out healthy snack options like nuts, popcorn, raisins or even carrot sticks with tasty dip.
  3. Take extra care for kids with asthma. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that kids and adults with asthma have a greater risk of developing more severe diseases with the coronavirus outbreak. If you or your kids have controller medications and do not stop them. Be wary that seasonal versions of coronaviruses can cause asthma exacerbations.
  4. Prepare a quarantine area. If members of the family begin developing symptoms of COVID, calmly ask them to transfer to a room. Don’t forget to properly wash their utensils and beddings.
  5. Explain the situation without causing fear. Sometimes, fear and panic can do more harm than actually contracting coronavirus disease. Parents need to talk about the situation and explain the importance of the steps to be taken to prevent it. This helps to make sure that kids remember to do all the precautions even without being reminded.



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