Best Free Online Games for Kids and Toddlers 2021

Educational games make great alternative for children to learn about the world while outside of the classroom. According to Medium, “… educational games boost children’s ability to think out of the box, analyze quickly and manage every situation by themselves.” Free online games for kids involve game-based learning that entertains and educates children at the same time.


As a teacher and a homeschooling mom to twins aged 4 years old, I trust the skills that free educational games give to my children. Not only are these games kid-friendly and easy-to-use, they also aid in early learning and make up for the educational activities done in the classroom. These said, kid gaming apps help me effectively teach my twins without using much resources. A huge shoutout to PurpleBug Games for this!


What are the best free online games for kids in 2021?

Regardless of the subject, free online games for kids can help you teach your children in the easiest and enjoyable way possible. You just need a tablet or a phone and you’re all set! They’re also considered as fun activities for children in between online classes. With that, we listed the best games that you can download now and let your children play for free!


1. Pair It, Cedric!

Pair It, Cedric —  the game for smart kids —  has two fun mini games that your kids are sure to enjoy.


Mini games:


• Pair It! – Find the pair of the image on the screen among the choices available. Each level has their corresponding number of buttons. Points are equivalent to stars, so make sure you hit those buttons correctly!

• Match It! – Flip the memory cards and memorize what is behind them to correctly match the cards with their pairs. Each level has a corresponding number of cards. Points are equivalent to stars, so make sure to pair those cards as fast as you can!


The game features categories such as letters, shapes, numbers, animals, fruits, and many more! Let your kids select their chosen category and encourage them to collect as many stars as they can. With fun and colourful graphics, your kids will surely have a fun time playing Pair It, Cedric!


2. UpTown Flashcards


Help your kids discover the world through UpTown Flashcards!

UpTown Flashcards is one of the best free online games for kids that is designed for curious young minds – fun and simple enough for the youngest learners! Browse through high-quality and colorful pictures of multitudes of flashcard categories to give your kids the most wonderful educational experience!


The app features 553 total flashcards and multiple categories including Vegetables, Fruits, Animals, Shapes, Numbers, The Alphabet, Instruments, Vehicles, School Supplies, Professions, Flags of the World, Parts of the Human Body.


UpTown Flashcards also has multiple game modes to help with your kids’ learning, which include

• Alphabetical Game Mode – Flashcards will appear in alphabetical order.

• Randomized Game Mode – Flashcards will appear in random order.

• Name It Game Mode – Guess the flashcards!

• Write It Game Mode – Write the name of the flashcards!


3. UpDog Adventures

UpDog Educational aims to provide your child the best start in learning. UpDog offers a rich and unique learning experience by helping your children improve their planning, decision-making, and organizing skills. They also help your children know how to make friends and regulate their emotions. 


About the game: In order to maintain his flying, Cedric must collect and consume his favorite foods which are the hotdog in a bun, broccoli, and bone-shaped butter cookies. Each delicacy has a corresponding effect on Cedric.


UpDog Adventures also has free activity worksheets that you can download on their website. Let your child experience and master a wide variety of skills, from recognizing colors and shapes to basic counting and sorting. UpDog Educational will help prepare your kids for early schooling from preschool to kindergarten skills.


Free Online Games for Kids Help with Education!

Giving your child opportunities to play help them grow into happy, innovative, decisive, and creative adults. Playing games together is also a good way to spend time with them. While they’re young, teach them the value of learning while having fun. Download Pair It, Cedric, UpTown Flashcards, and UpDog Adventures now!


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image sources: Pexels, PurpleBug Games