7 Modern Parenting Tips for Modern Parents

Raising children can be both the most challenging and the most rewarding job in the world. It is a constant learning process for both parents. As parents, we all want the best for our children. It is our parental responsibility to raise your child with love and support.


7 Modern Parenting Tips for Modern Parents


Whatever parenting style you have, parenting itself is definitely tough especially in these modern times with modern challenges. Here are helpful modern parenting tips in raising kids.


1. Make time for Yourself


When thinking of parenting tips automatically we think of ways and ideas on how to take care of your child effectively. Ironically, one of the most useful and helpful tips would be making time for yourself as a parent.


Being a parent 24/7 is definitely exhausting. Giving yourself time to relax or take a break is as important in taking care of your child. If you are physically, emotionally and mentally well rested, you can better attend to your child’s needs and effectively care for them.


As the saying goes, “ Take care of yourself before taking care of others.”, it is important for every parent to also take care of themselves to be able to raise your child effectively!


2. Learn how to communicate


In a parent child relationship, having no effective communication between parents and children can fall into a negative and unhealthy relationship.


It is the parental responsibility to have positive communication with their child. Communicating with your child regularly and positively can build a healthy relationship as you better understand what they need and what they are going through, thus it allows you to  know more about them and allows them to know more about you! 


3. Less screen time


Raising a screen-free child in this day and age might be impossible. Technology and the internet has become a need especially in these times, especially with the younger generations.


Instead of completely removing screens in your child’s everyday life, limit their screen time use. You can start by implementing schedules on when they can use gadgets. In the same way, it is important to practice what you preach. Whenever you are with your child, make sure that you are present and have your whole attention on them and not using gadgets or facing your screens.


4. Be Involved


As your child continues to grow, they will become more and more independent and will start to create relationships outside of the household. But this does not mean that the parent will no longer be involved.


As your child creates their own identity, parents should stay involved in what is happening in their child’s life. Keeping a healthy communication is one thing and getting to know the people they spend their time with is also important in staying involved and present. You can start by asking them how their day went or try to ask them about the friends they made in school. By making this a habit, it will allow them to regularly share with you what is going on in their lives as they feel you are always there to support and listen to them.


5. Think Praise rather than Punishment


Punishing your child, especially physically, can develop aggressive behavior. It is inevitable for your child to make mistakes as they grow up and discipling them will not be easy.


It is important to think of ways to foster positive behavior and make it a habit to praise them whenever they show good behavior to let them know that they are behaving well. In the same way, always remember that you are their role model. Show them good behavior and they will mimic what they believe is right and the rest will follow.


6. Make them feel loved


Good parenting is making sure that your child always feels loved and supported in any aspect.


Regardless of who they are or how many mistakes they make, showing them that you unconditionally love them for who they are is what’s important. It is important for every parent to make their children feel loved in every way possible, whether it is a simple act or a grand gesture, show them that you truly care and love them!


7. Do and give your best!


Lastly, there is no perfect way to raise a child. There might be different types of parenting and different parenting styles but always remember there is no perfect formula in raising children.


The best every parent can do  is to give and do the best they can for their children. You will make mistakes but as long as you are learning from it and have the mindset to provide the best for your child, then you are on the right track! After all, what’s important is you give and do your best in providing your child with the love, care and support they need as they grow up!


You got this, Mommies & Daddies!


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