5 Stress Relief Tips for Working Moms

December 23, 2021

Being a mother can get challenging, especially if you are a working mom.  Often, being a working mother will make you preoccupied with both household  and  work tasks that may bring you to stressful situations. It can also affect both how you work and can lessen your time with your family and personal life.  We’ve asked several working moms to share their experiences and challenges as a working mom and how they overcome it: For Carole Pacis, a Marketing Manager, being a working mom is a balancing act. She shares, “It can be challenging if you are without household help. You have to manage the household, and work while being there for your kids. Finding time for yourself is also a challenge and sometimes when you do there is a feeling of guilt. It is also hard to keep a good headspace. ” As for Czarina, a Chief Operations Officer, one of the challenges she faces as a working mother is blurring of boundaries between work and home and the expectations you set for yourself are sometimes not met: “You wake up and you’re already in your office. You take your coffee break but you see your chores waiting for you. You then think, let me be productive and do these chores while on break. Then, you see your child. You remember they’re only little once…  You go through the motions then your shift ends unnoticed. Unintentionally, you’ve brought work at home cos hey, you’re already home. What’s another hour or 4 of responding to emails? We're still at work anyway…. Finally home 24/7? We can be hands-on parents! We can be those parents we read about who homeschool and have IG-worthy homes. Work is in the comfort of our own home? We’re in our element. We can focus more. We can do more. But I get tired and now disappointed too because I wasn’t able to meet these “ideals” I’ve set. ”   5 Effective Stress Relief Tips for Working Moms Given these situations shared by most working mothers, here are some tips to help you reduce stress: 1. Start your day in peace. Right after waking up, take a few minutes to take some deep breaths and meditate. Take this time to reflect and think about your intentions for the day. You can start by focusing on thinking about positive things and affirmations which you can hold onto as you go through your daily tasks and activities. If you start your morning at peace, the rest will follow throughout the day! 2. Plan and organize your day ahead. When starting your day, it is important to take time to plan your day ahead. Anticipating everything that could happen throughout the day and creating an organized schedule can help in reducing stress Mommy Carole shares, “Sticking to a routine and having things scheduled really helps!”  Set your goals for the day and make sure they are specific, achievable and realistic goals to avoid being overwhelmed by both tasks at household and work.  3. Take care of yourself by taking breaks. To maintain the kind of energy and focus required to give your best for your family and your job, it is important for working moms to care for themselves as well! One of the most effective ways for stress management is giving yourself time to rest. You start by allowing yourself to get enough sleep, eating healthy and drinking a lot of water and taking breaks in between your activities throughout your day. This helps you avoid burnouts and can help you recharge your energy.  4. Set boundaries. Being a working mom means playing a lot of different roles whether it is for work or for your family. At the end of the day, we all just want to be the best in all of those roles. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to say ‘no’ to every responsibility that comes in our way. This can be a cause of stress as you become overwhelmed with all the tasks given to you. That is why it is important to set boundaries between work and your personal life. Always remember that time for work is just time for work, and time for family is time for family.  5. Find support and help. Everyone needs a support system and there are things you should not go through alone. Family and friends can help you ease your stress and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for their help.  Mommy Czarina shares, “Starting by being open & honest with ourselves on our limitations, fears and problems THEN sharing them. Who knows what the universe-  or your boss, your colleague, your partner- has to offer. Quotes say that “it takes a village to raise a child” and “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”, I say to get there, we need to be open to that first and let it be known second.”  Often we don’t realize that they are more than willing to lend you a hand if only you ask them. Supportive relationships can help you be a better mother for your children and help you do your best at your job!  Being a mother will never be an easy job to do, even more challenging when working. Always remember that in order for you to take care of your family, especially your children, you have to also take care of yourself by managing your stress better and keep in mind what’s important: being there for your kids and being the best mother you can be for them! You got this, mommies! Sources:,, Image sources: gpointstudio from Freepik, yanalya from Freepik, hakaridore from Freepik

5 Helpful Ipon Challenges to Try This 2022

November 30, 2021

Financial security planning for your family is important, especially with the current uncertainties. This starts with securing your financial future.  Financial security means living life on your own terms, taking calculated risks, and having more than enough for the unexpected. Getting to that level of security is often challenging. Sometimes you end up spending it all, no matter how much you save. While it’s discouraging at first, reaching your savings goal is doable with enough preparation and creativity! Lately, people are coming up with “Ipon Challenges” to save money at their own pace. Because it’s easier to apply, your children can also learn about financial security earlier on. Try these 5 helpful “Ipon Challenges” with your kids this 2022! 1. 52-week ipon challenge Popular among Filipinos, the 52-week ipon challenge works by saving money that increases as the weeks go by within a year, becoming 52 weeks total. This challenge is perfect for people who want to build a good saving habit through small but frequent deposits. The challenge starts off easy with 1-peso coins a day, and the amount gets bigger every week. For example, you start with 50 pesos in your first week, followed by saving 100 pesos the next week and so forth. You can even monitor your savings by creating your own 52-week ipon challenge sheet or you can download templates online.  To help your kids with the challenge, we recommend starting them off with loose change and up to 50 pesos maximum nearing the end of the challenge. While reaching a larger amount is great, it’s best to focus on building their habit of saving each week instead. The key is to help them remember to set aside even a small amount. 2. Invisible 50 pesos challenge While 50 pesos doesn’t buy much, every bill starts piling up for you to win this challenge! The invisible 50 pesos challenge is a simple yet effective way to save money. Every 50 peso bill you have or get, you’ll need to save either in a bank account or in a makeshift bank container at home. This challenge is easy to do, depending on your consistency. Depending on how many 50 pesos bills you save within the time frame you set for yourself, you can save a lot of money from this challenge.    3. Envelope savings challenge The Envelope Savings Challenge helps you save money by having different envelopes assigned for each of your  goals (ex. Travel, House, Car etc.). Get started by setting a timeframe for until when you will save, then label your envelopes with specific goals. This challenge will help you get motivated to save for a specific goal.  To make this challenge easier for your kids, start in small amounts with 2-3 envelopes at most. Once they’ve gotten the hang of it, you can bump up the amounts for each envelope and even add more envelopes!  4. NO spend day challenge We recommend this for the more seasoned of challenge-takers. The No Spend Day challenge is not your typical savings challenge; instead of saving, you try not to spend on anything for a day within a week. To do this, start with picking a day in a week where you won’t be spending a single peso. As much as possible, you can stay at home to avoid buying anything. This challenge will teach you to focus on the things that are important, instead of spending your money on non-essential things.  5. Loose change challenge   Compared to the 50 pesos ipon challenge, the Loose Change Challenge focuses on saving every coin you get. Tuck away loose change, like one peso coin or any amount, straight to your savings. Since people forget their coins, this challenge teaches you to be mindful of your money no matter how small the amount, because they build up and can save you later on. This may be the easiest challenge in the list, and one that your children can definitely join! We recommend introducing your kids to the concept of saving money through this challenge, as it helps them pick up mindfulness and being thrifty earlier on. For a more creative way to help your kids join the challenge, we recommend starting with 1.5L plastic soda bottles for DIY coin banks. Have them decorate the exterior of the bottles so they know it’s their savings container. Remember that no matter how much, saving money is helpful and can save you in the long run! In saving money, there is no perfect formula or challenge. Regardless of what challenge you do, always remember that saving money takes a lot of discipline and knowing your specific goal will help you complete any ipon challenge you choose! Sources:, Image sources:Freepik, frimufilms from Freepik


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