7 Things Parents should Consider when Organizing Family Gatherings

By Moms for Moms
March 11, 2020
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Family gatherings, reunions, and family outings - just thinking about these things can make you want to cancel. Organizing a gathering where you can meet with relatives whom you have not met in years may be difficult and stressful, but very rewarding and definitely worth it.

Here are some things that you should consider when organizing a family gathering:

  • Inform the guests as early as possible. Date conflicts occur especially when planning an event where there are students and busy office workers in a family. Remember to remind them as the date draws closer because people tend to forget events set in advance.
  • Set the venue at home. Setting the venue at your house will probably be the best way to go for a small family gathering. Free venue means less expenses! Now you can spend more of your budget for food and activities.
  • Have some activities. Games, talent shows, and raffles draws. Having engaging activities will strengthen a family’s bond. Make sure to have activities for the whole family like a round of charades or pictionary, bonfires with a do-it-yourself s’mores station, or competitive outdoor games and sports between each other. It is important to also plan out separate activities for kids (card and board games, party games, and kid-friendly movies) and activities for parents (home service massage and spa days, preparing food together for the family, or even casual conversations over a few cocktails).
  • Visit nearby tourist spots. Your family may be tired of the places to visit around your city, but your guests might be excited. It’s a great experience for the kids and parents to take a break from being homebodies and do a little sight-seeing especially if your relatives are visiting for a few weeks and have a lot of time to pass.
  • Have a plan B. There is no assurance that a storm won’t appear in a year-old planned event. It would be wise to have a plan b when an incident occurs. There’s no need to panic when a family that was assigned to bring meals informed you that they won’t be attending if you already listed the contact number of restaurants near you.
  • Take photos and upload a dedicated photo album. Live in the moment while at the same time taking photos you can go back to later on. Create a photo album of the family gathering online so that you and your relatives can remember great moments you had together. What’s good about an online album is that the photos are stored forever and that everyone has easy access to it.
  • Have fun. You are also a member of the family. Have a positive vibe, do not stress over something that was not part of the plan, they won’t even notice it.



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