5 Important Things Your Child Needs From You

By Mommy Hannah
October 28, 2021
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As mothers, our most valuable assets are our family -- particularly our children. 

Some of the many joys of being a mom is seeing your child confident, happy and growing up to be a good person. But providing basic needs wouldn’t be enough for them to achieve these things. Being a mother means taking on the role of providing the needs of a child. Apart from giving them their basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing, there are things that a mother should give their child. Parenting requires finding balance between providing their most basic needs and giving them the following things your child needs from you

1. Understanding
In life, not a lot of people will understand who you truly are. As a mother, you must give your child the understanding they need. Children always need to be understood, not just as your child, but also as an individual. Part of being an effective parent is to understand what your child is feeling, their personal ideas and their opinions. In that way, you can better communicate with your child and will be able to provide and address what they need. No matter who they are and who they become, understanding your child can help them develop their own self-esteem to give a positive impact on their growth as an individual. 

2. Support and Encouragement
When children are surrounded by love and support, they gain confidence and positive social behaviors. Supportive parenting does wonders on how your child would grow and develop as an individual. Providing your child with emotional support they need and by letting them know that you are their safety net, could encourage their trust, respect, self-esteem and, ultimately, independence. When your child feels that you are confident in them, they become naturally more confident in themselves. :

Support and Encouragement from parenting

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3. Kind and Affirmative Words

Talking to your child using kind, affirmative, and encouraging words could help them develop a positive self-esteem. Encouragements are naturally confidence and self-esteem boosters, encouraging your child with kind and affirmative words can help them build confidence and courage to face life as it is. It means the world to them to have a supportive parent that can uplift and inspire them. 

4. Validation and Acceptance
Children need validation as much as we do and it is one of the many things every child needs from their mom.  Understanding that each child is different and is their own person is a start. They are not like us, not like their siblings, and not even like other children. Accepting them as who they are is another important thing. As a supportive mom, you have to validate your child as different and unique as they are and accept them wholeheartedly for what they are and for what they are not.

Validation and Acceptance from healthy parenting

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5. Guidance
A child is born into this world without any understanding of it. As their parents, they depend on you to show them how to live. You have this role to teach your child what is right from wrong and the right and values a good person should possess. As parents, we want them to grow into the best they can be. Allow your child to explore the world and make their own decisions with a little guidance from you as their mother and most important role model.

As your child grows and goes through different stages, providing them with these things can help them be a better person and eventually become successful kids,. We all want the best for our children and being there to support, understand, affirm, validate and guide them is what every mother should do for their child. After all, nothing compares to a mother’s unconditional love and presence. 

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