Bug-Proof Your Sleep: Best Mosquito Nets for a Blissful Slumber

Olivia Barredo
June 20, 2023

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The Philippines is a tropical country that has the right environment and conditions for plenty of bugs to thrive in. You’ll typically find insects everywhere you go and pest control could be used from time to time to mitigate their hold in certain areas. However, that cannot always be the case, especially to insects as common as mosquitoes. 


Mosquitoes, at the best of times, are pesky insects that can buzz around your ear and take some stings every now and again. However, they can get a lot worse considering they spread vector-borne diseases like malaria and dengue. This can effectively put you and your family at risk, but what can you do? Actually, there is something that you can do about this issue.


As you probably know, one of the most opportune times for mosquitoes to get on the attack would be at night when you are tucked in bed. The best solution for this problem would, of course, be using a mosquito net.They protect your bed from insects while also having the benefit of letting you breathe just as easily inside of it.


Now you may also be wondering where to buy mosquito nets in the Philippines, well you’re in luck. Here is a list of reliable mosquito nets for beds which will surely protect you and your family from the nuisance and danger of harmful mosquitoes.



Best Mosquito Nets



HOMECARE.PH King/Queen Size Mosquito Net



This queen/king size mosquito nest is perfect for all families, as they can be used in most beds. This mosquito nest is made of 100% polyester fabric and steel wires to make up the form of the net. The original price of this product is P349 but there is a 36% discount on the mosquito net making it P222.75. It has double doors that can be opened through two-way zippers that allow for ease of access in and out of the net. The mosquito net is also really flexible and easily foldable, making it a very versatile net for you and rousey sleepers such as kids.


If you are interested in the HOMECARE mosquito net, you can check it out here: https://invol.co/cliwfgb



Foldable King Size Mosquito Net



This is also a quality king size mosquito nest that is perfect for home use or for outdoor use. This item is also made of 100% polyester material with quality double elastic steel wires that make it foldable. This item is priced at P899 but with a 75% discount you can see the price dropping to an affordable P223.74. There are overwhelmingly positive reviews for this product as customers get some bang for their buck when it comes to this mosquito net. They also highlighted how they can choose an assortment of colors of their choosing. 


If you are interested in getting this one, check them out here: https://invol.co/cliwfgn



Hodeso’s Elegant Family Size Dome Mosquito Net



This mosquito net is a unique one. Not only is it functional as a mosquito net, it is also some of the more aesthetically pleasing ones. The material is 100% fine transparent polyester mesh that is tinted with a variation of colors in your choosing. This is a great baby mosquito nest, as it gives off the feeling of elegance while also not feeling claustrophobic at all for energetic children. It has the original price of P300 but with a great discount making it P66; it is a steal! It has a circumference at the bottom that ensures security and has a circumference of 8 meters which can fit a king/queen size bed in. 


If you are interested in a great baby mosquito nest, look no further than the Hodeso mosquito nest: https://invol.co/cliwfgs



3-Second Foldable Mosquito Net



This is a mosquito net that thrives on its craftsmanship and utility. This is an easily foldable mosquito net that can be assembled in seconds. The polyester material means that this product is also breathable while preventing mosquitoes from getting to you at night. High-strength steel support that helps maintain its shape holds it up and it is also very durable. This is also a mosquito net for beds as it can fit on beds pretty easily. The original price for this product is P999 due to its portability, but with the discount, it has decreased to P379.


If you are interested in looking out for this convenient option, check it out here: https://invol.co/cliwfgv



Nylon Mosquito Net



This mosquito net is also on the forefront of convenient and simple nets. No need for messing with knots altogether. This pre-installed hanging kit is all you would need to put over your bed. This mosquito net comes in many sizes, which can contain one person to a whole family. The mosquito net is made of nylon, which protects you in your sleep but also maintains its color.The original price for this product is P135 but with a discount right now it is only P100.


If you want more details, check it out here: https://invol.co/cliwfh1



Indoor Foldable King/Queen Size Mosquito Net



Lastly, we have this mosquito net for a king/queen size bed. This is also a great option, as this mosquito net can be opened up and assembled within minutes. It also shares the same features of having double doors that can be opened through zippers on either side of the net. It is made of 100% polyester and supported by steel beams that hold the structure of the net. This product also has positive reviews indicating how easy and effective this mosquito net is in its functionality and durability. Its original price was at P454.12 but a 52% discount is on right now that makes the product P218. 


If you are looking to buy this mosquito nest, check it out here: https://invol.co/cliwfh9 


Mosquitoes can be annoying ‌and dangerous at worst, and that is stressful and we get that. This list was made so you can have some great suggestions on quality mosquito nets that will ensure that you and your family are protected from those pesky bugs. As you can also see, Lazada is the answer of where to buy mosquito nets in the Philippines, and there are a lot of options you can go through to customize your mosquito nest there. Grab yourself one of these nets and you can sleep well, knowing you won’t have to wake up to rashes and bite marks from your sleep.