10 Simple Babyproofing Hacks For First Time Moms!

Joanna Marie O. Santos
September 29, 2023

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For parents, preparing and decorating the home is one of the most exciting and relaxing tasks to do, especially for first-time moms who want to have downtime from all the fuss and stress of motherhood. It is understandable to be excited about decorating the baby’s room and it is an avenue for creative parents to create a beautiful space that both the baby and the parent can enjoy. However, babyproofing should still be prioritized when decorating a home with babies and toddlers, and making the whole home safe for the child is the most important task. 


Picking out the best furniture for a home with young children, especially those who are mobile but need supervision, includes choosing the safest items. A beautiful coffee table that seems to be sturdy and light may have a pointed edge that parents may not notice. Truly, baby-proofing a home is necessary for both the safety of the child and the parent’s peace of mind. In this article, we will share 10 amazing baby-proofing tips and hacks for parents, especially first-time moms. 


1. Lock up your cleaning products


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Putting your cleaning products out of reach is the first solution that many parents would think of when keeping dangerous cleaning products away from children, but once that item falls unnoticed by the parent, the child can access it right away. Locking the cleaning products away inside a cabinet is the best way to keep the products safely away from the child. 


2. Stick-on corner blocks are your friend


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Add stick-on corner blocks on all the tables and other types of furniture with raised flat surfaces. These items protect your baby from getting wounded, especially if the baby is practicing how to walk around the house. 


3. Use stove-knob covers


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For parents who are worried about their child reaching the stove and accidentally hurting themselves, stove-knob covers are your friend. Look for covers that perfectly fit the stove knobs in your kitchen so that it perfectly attaches to the stove without being so easily detached by a single pull. 


4. Buy adjustable baby gates


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We all know that babies grow quite quickly. In just a few months, a baby that could not reach the edge of the table could easily peek on the top of a counter and reach for something that they shouldn’t be holding. To keep your baby from getting a hold of items not suitable for them, install adjustable baby gates surrounding an area that they should not have access to. 


5. Go for trendy round ottomans instead of a coffee or side table


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Coffee tables are generally just a big no-no for homes with babies since most of them have pointed edges or ornaments on top. Parents can go for a round, bare coffee table as well, but a round ottoman is softer for the baby to grab onto. Plus, they can easily be statement pieces for your living room.


6. The Nursery room should be the main room for the first few months


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While the baby needs constant care and attention, turning the nursery room into an all-purpose space can alleviate the need for the parent or the caregiver to move from room to room just to get something they need. The baby’s toiletries should be neatly tucked inside a portable container. The baby’s formula and bottles should also be next to each other for easier access. In addition to this, parents won’t have to go looking around the house to search for something if all baby items are organized in the nursery room. 


7. Buy UL-listed night-lights


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When looking for nightlights to install in your baby's room, make sure that it has a UL-listed sticker. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratory, which is a globally recognized independent safety science organization that tests and certifies the safety of electrical products. Buy a UL-listed night light for your baby’s room to make sure the item is safe for use. 


8. Finger-pinch guards are your baby’s savior


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Apart from preventing your baby’s hands from getting caught in a slamming door, finger-pinch guards also prevent the doors from accidentally closing and leaving the baby locked inside the room.


9. Thermometers are useful for your baby’s bathtime


Image from First Cry Parenting


While there’s nothing wrong with using your hands to check your baby’s bath water temperature, it can be safer to use a thermometer instead. Make sure to purchase a fun-looking thermometer that can blend together with your baby’s other bath toys so the thermometer will not be singled out and catch your baby’s attention.


10. Bring out what is necessary and tidy up the rest


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Last but not least, keeping the unused items away from the reach of the baby is important. An unused bike should be kept inside a gated room. Workout equipment should also be kept away, especially if they’re not going to be used for a while. Large hobby items like sports rackets and easels should be kept away, as well as smaller ones like chess pieces and paintbrushes. Not all new moms have the time to return to their hobbies right away after giving birth, which is why it is important to adjust the home’s surroundings to accommodate the baby for a while until they can be safe around the items. 


A Beautiful New Journey To Begin


Being a mom is definitely a hard thing to do, and it is especially challenging for first-time moms. New moms should be aware that traversing the world of motherhood is full of beautiful moments, which is why it is important to make sure that these moments will not be soiled with accidents and injuries that could have easily been prevented with sufficient babyproofing. 


In MomsForMoms, we like to highlight the joys of motherhood, parenting, and the important lessons about life that we learn along the way as mothers. Babyproofing your home is not only for your peace of mind but also for the safety and comfort of your baby. As you begin to create a safe space for your family, know that putting health and happiness comes first, and everything good will follow. And with a babyproof house, you can ensure that your family will be able to enjoy a beautiful new journey as a growing family.