The Ultimate Baby Shower Idea List

Joanna Marie O. Santos
July 3, 2023

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We get it. Planning a baby shower can feel like a really big, important task that we really can’t mess up. Especially for first-time expecting moms, each decision we make for our first baby shower can feel like it will take away a big portion of the overall party experience. 

Fret not, soon-to-be-moms (or friends of soon-to-be-moms!) because we have got you covered! In this article, we will list the best baby shower party ideas, cake ideas, and gift ideas. Regardless of what you want to achieve for your baby shower, this article will help you visualize the perfect party in that you will be proud to share pictures with your child in the future.

Baby Shower Party, Cake, And Gift Ideas

There are a lot of things a new mom can do for her baby shower. Originally, baby shower celebrations were meant for the new life that the baby has, but nowadays, it is definitely an occasion meant to be enjoyed by the mother. Below are some ideas you can refer to for your baby shower, including the corresponding perfect gift and cake idea for each baby shower idea.

A Pregnant-Friendly Girl’s Night Out

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Little black dresses, mani-pedis, and of course, mocktails. For soon-to-be moms who were really the life of the party before a little mellowing down was needed, a pregnant-friendly girl’s night out can definitely lift up the spirits of everybody in the party and celebrate the new life brewing inside the womb. Pun intended!

Perfect Cake Idea

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For a pregnant-friendly girl’s night out party, it is a good idea to commemorate the vibe of the night with a dark-colored cake decorated with sparkling designs to match the beautiful evening sky.

Perfect Gift Idea

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What better way to remember a fun girl’s night out baby shower party than with scented candles? After an exhausting but fun evening, all the attendees can go home and enjoy the relaxing smell of a scented candle.

Throw A Baby Shower Brunch

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This perfect idea fits every soon-to-be brunch fan who has been wanting to do a grand one before the baby arrives. After all, when the baby comes, it will be hard to set time in the middle of the day to enjoy a nice brunch. Throwing a simple, (or fancy!) baby shower brunch will be the perfect bonding experience for the soon-to-be-mom and her family and friends. 

Perfect Cake Idea

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A nice, adorable cake would go perfectly with a baby shower brunch. Make sure to get a flavor that goes with the menu of the day!


Perfect Gift Idea

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Perfectly encapsulating the aesthetic of the event, a cute little flower souvenir is just the perfect gift to give away to your baby shower attendees.


A Kid/Family Pet-Friendly (Or Both!) Games Party

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Want to have an engaging baby shower to prepare you for the ultimate adventure of being a mother in the near future? Plan a fun get-together with a games party! Invite your fellow parent-friends or pet-parent-friends and prepare games for the plus-ones! It can be a fun kid’s party full of exciting races and games, or a fun pet-friendly party full of squeaky toys and water slides for doggos! And it can definitely be even more fun combined!

Perfect Cake Idea

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A cute and fun cake for a cute and fun celebration, a themed-baby shower cake will definitely be the best cake for the event. A cake with adorable little characters will also be fun for all the attendees.

Perfect Gift Idea

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For engaging types of parties, it’s really fun to leave with pictures of the best moments. Make sure to give your visitors a copy of their pictures so that they can remember such a fun baby shower party!

Hobby Party

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This baby shower party idea is perfect for soon-to-be moms who are really devoted to their hobbies. Even more special if hobby club members are invited over for the party! Whether it’s a book club party, a movie viewing party, or even a crocheting party, a hobby party as a baby shower will definitely be a fun time to remember!

Perfect Cake Idea

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This may depend on the type of hobby you ultimately choose to be highlighted in your baby shower party, but themed cakes would be the best cake idea for your party.

Perfect Gift Idea

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This is a good idea for the soon-to-be-mom! Leave a basket in front of the venue and ask your guests to bring a copy of their favorite childhood book! This way, your future baby will have many books to choose from.

A Fancy-Themed Dinner With The Entire Family

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A simple, classic fancy dinner out with the entire family can be a fun baby shower party idea. It does not need to have loud booming noises and games to be called a party— sometimes the party with you is the party itself! Choose your favorite restaurant and book a dinner for the whole family. It will be even more fun as a themed party, with matching clothes or fancy costumes!

Perfect Cake Idea

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A simple and adorable baby shower cake will suit a nice baby shower dinner. Highlight the cake with baby-related items and you have yourself a winner!

Perfect Gift Idea

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A perfect gift for a baby shower dinner, decorative dinner plates will be fun memorabilia for your special dinner party.

The Perfect Baby Shower

A baby shower is a joyful occasion to celebrate the arrival of a little one. With a myriad of baby shower ideas, cakes, and gift suggestions, you can create a memorable and special event for the soon-to-be parents. From selecting a theme and decorating the venue to choosing the perfect baby shower gift, there are countless possibilities to make the celebration unique and meaningful. Embrace these baby shower party ideas to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.