5 Yummy Baby Food Your Little One Will Surely Love

Joanna Marie O. Santos
August 23, 2023

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Introducing solid food to a baby might be an exciting time for the parent and the child, but it is important to still make sure that the baby will be getting enough vitamins and nutrients to support their healthy growth. Mommies usually look forward to making the monumental food transition because not only does it mean that the baby is old enough to consume a more diverse diet, but it can also mean that it’s time for the mother to experience a reduction in breastfeeding, if not stopping it altogether. Introduction to solid food is definitely an exciting change for both the mom and the baby, and there are many nutritious and yummy baby foods to help make the change even better. 


Transitioning to solid food is not as simple as just halting or reducing the breastfeeding sessions before proceeding to feed the baby solid food. There are certain types of food that babies are still not ready to consume, and there are other nutrients that are essential for babies but are not available in every food. For this, baby food is available for mothers to provide all the essential nutrients and vitamins that their baby needs while they are changing to solid food. In this article, we will showcase 5 absolutely delicious baby foods that your little one will surely love.


1. MILNA Baby Biscuit Mixed Fruit 


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Perfect for babies 6 months and above, MILNA Baby Biscuit Mixed Fruit has AA, DHA, and Vitamin C to improve your baby’s brain and body development. This baby biscuit also promotes the growth of Bifidobakteri, which is a good bacterium that can support healthy gut health for the baby. With its yummy apple and orange flavor, Milna baby biscuit blends perfectly with warm formula or breastmilk. 


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2. The Ruby Pantry - Oats Cereal With Squash and Malunggay


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Plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly, Ruby Pantry’s oats cereal with squash and malunggay is a healthy baby food option perfect for helping your baby make the important transition to solid food. It’s safe and nutritious and provides all the nutrition that your baby needs–all the while being absolutely yummy!


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3. Woolworths Smiling Tums


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With 7 yummy available flavors to choose from, Woolworths Smiling Tums is a nutritious and hassle-free food for babies 6 months and up. With unique and interesting flavors, like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and sweetcorn, and pear and banana & blueberry with oats, you and your baby will surely never get tired of Woolworths Smiling Tums!


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4. GERBER First Foods Multipack


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With flavors like applesauce, carrot, banana, and squash, GERBER First Foods Multipack has no added sugar or preservatives and is non-GMO for the healthiest meal time ever! GERBER First Foods is also ensured to have no additional sugar or salt, to keep your baby’s tummy from being irritated. 


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5. Pororo Korea Probiotics Yogurt Melts 


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A healthy and yummy yogurt melt snack for babies 7 months and up, Pororo Korea Probiotics Yogurt Melts comes in original, kiwi, strawberry, and blueberry flavors that make snack time so much more fun!


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The Best Healthy Baby Foods For A Happy Baby


Making sure that your baby has all the nutrients and vitamins that they need is on top of every mom’s list. Babies need extra care and attention, especially with what they eat because their diet during their early years will affect their development as they grow into teens. Check out some of these yummy baby foods and make sure that your baby can enjoy a healthy and yummy diet.