Common Pregnancy Complications You Should Know About

Joanna Marie O. Santos
August 4, 2023

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Pregnancy can be a great time for joy and excitement, but for some mothers, it can also be a time for uncertainty and worry. While being pregnant can be a dream come true, especially for a hopeful first-time mom-to-be, concerns about the possibility of pregnancy complications can sometimes arise and cause anxiety. It is important to care about the wellness of both yourself and your future child. That is why it’s necessary to educate yourself about the most common pregnancy complications in order to be prepared and be able to get the right healthcare and support if needed. 


Unfortunately, there are numerous potential complications that can happen during pregnancy, including the actual childbirth and even postpartum.  These pregnancy issues can affect both the health of the child and the mother and their effects can range from minor to severe. Some pregnancy issues can be treated with a lifestyle change, although some can have a significant impact on the lives of the mother and the baby. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common pregnancy complications that can occur under unusual pregnancy circumstances.


Complications During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a beautiful experience for many mothers, but it can also cause the rise of health concerns that can affect both the parent and the child, especially if other health issues affect the term. Below are some of the most common pregnancy complications that can occur in pregnancy with special health and life circumstances. 


Complications Of Ectopic Pregnancy


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Ectopic pregnancy refers to an embryo growing outside of the uterus. While almost 90% of all ectopic pregnancy happens inside the fallopian tube, ectopic pregnancy can also happen in the person’s cervix, abdomen, and even in the ovary. While ectopic pregnancy in itself is already a complication, below are other health concerns that ectopic pregnancy can cause.



  • Internal Bleeding & Hemorrhage - as the fetus grows inside the fallopian tube or other parts of the person’s body not meant to expand to accommodate pregnancy, tissues will begin to tear and rupture, causing internal bleeding for the mother. This is the most common complication that can occur during an ectopic pregnancy.


  • Sepsis Infection or Septic Shock  - A common result of a severe rupture on the person's reproductive organ where the ectopic pregnancy is occurring, sepsis infection can occur. If the injury causes the person’s blood pressure to immediately drop, then they can fall into a septic shock, which is life-threatening and requires immediate emergency care. 


Complications Of Teenage Pregnancy


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Teenage pregnancy, or adolescent pregnancy, is the pregnancy of a person who is aged from 10-19 years old. In the Philippines, teenage pregnancy is a significant public health issue that needs to be tackled and resolved. Teenage pregnancy is caused by special social, health, and economic circumstances that can affect the health of both the baby and the adolescent person who is going through with the pregnancy. Below are some of the most common complications of teenage pregnancy.


  • Occurrence Of Severe Neonatal Conditions - In teenage pregnancy, extreme neonatal conditions can occur and pose negative risks to the pregnant person. Neonatal conditions like anemia, GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), seizures, and even a slew of heart diseases can become more possible with people who are pregnant in their adolescent years. 


  • Premature Birth Resulting In Birth Defects - Compared to babies born to appropriately- aged mothers, babies born to teenage mothers have a higher risk of being born prematurely. Premature birth can cause a range of health issues with the baby, including birth defects caused by being born too early and without the full development of organs. 


Complications Caused By UTI In Pregnancy


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Affecting 1 in 3 pregnant women, urinary tract infections (UTIs) can cause serious complications for both the mother and the baby. The hormonal changes that occur inside the person’s body during pregnancy can increase the likelihood of developing a UTI during their term. Below are some complications that UTI can cause during pregnancy.


  • Kidney Infection - due to changes in the body during pregnancy, a person can develop a UTI, which can lead to a kidney infection when left untreated. 


  • Preeclampsia - a health condition that occurs around the 20th week of the full-term pregnancy. Preeclampsia is a serious medical condition that affects the pregnant person’s vital organs, like the liver, kidney, and even the brain.


  • Sepsis - Can be caused by pre-existing infections in your body that occurred before or during the pregnancy. The changes of hormones in the body can increase the severity of these infections which can then result in sepsis. 


The Fragility Of Pregnancy


Pregnancy is an important journey for many people, which is why preparation should be done and people who choose to get pregnant should be educated with proper guidance from qualified healthcare professionals. There are many issues that can arise before, during, and after pregnancy, and being equipped with the right knowledge can help mothers protect their own health and the lives of their future children.